This week we meet up with a local band in the middle of the tour, Sick City. If you would like to find out more about the band, make sure to check them out on or ar Also don’t make sure to fan them on Facebook here!

Also we would like to mention we have a survey going on right now! We’re taking a survey of our viewers, and we’d like you to participate. It will help us learn more about you – – no matter how long you’ve been a viewer or how frequently you watch this show. So please take a few minutes and visit the link below. And don’t worry, you complete the survey anonymously.

Completing this survey is crucial for the show so we can get directed feedback from all of you to help create a better show! If you filled this out for us last year, you are encouraged to still fill it out this time around as the show is always growing.

The audio during the live footage is sub-pare at best. Make sure to check out there
myspace to hear better audio. Sorry for this, it shouldn't happen again!

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