Amped Up TV brings you great episodes on a regular basis, but we recognize that you may want to choose how you subscribe. We’ve broken down our feeds below to give you the choice of how you enjoy the shows.


Choose from the list to subscribe to Amped Up TV directly through our most popular applications:


RSS Feeds:

Use these feeds to subscribe to Amped Up TV in your preferred format using your favorite application.

Large Quicktime (Now 1080p HD)

Small Quicktime

Windows Media



Other Video RSS Feeds:

If you would like to subscribe to the show live streaming video feed from Qik use this:


Text RSS Feeds:

To subscribe to the Amped Up TV site feed (blog and video posts), use this link here:

Site feed

To subscribe to the Amped Up TV Twitter feed, use this link here:


How to add the Feed to Zune Player:

  • Sign in to the Zune software, then click collection, podcasts, Add URL.
  • Go to the web page of the podcast you want. Click the RSS feed button and copy the URL for subscribing to the podcast (aka
  • Go back to Zune, paste the URL into the text box, then click Subscribe.


How to add the Feed to iTunes:

  • Sign in to the iTunes, then click Advanced.
  • Than click the Subscribe to Podcast
  • Paste the feed you want from this page into the box and click okay! The Window’s Media feed doesn’t work with iTunes.

What is podcasting and what does it mean to me?


Podcasting in Plain English from leelefever on Vimeo.